The Jackal by JAKL (Single)


JAKL: his voice suggests that there’s a depth from which he can soar

Fans of indie wrapped in dark melodies and backed by rich vocals will find much to enjoy in JAKL’s Jackal

JAKLAdopting an approach that resides somewhere between Rhodes and Foals, London songwriter JAKL trades in the sort of delicate and affecting indie that’s perfect for the creeping darkness of autumn. His single, The Jackal begins amidst a smattering of contained clatter, which is far enough in the background to let your ears perk to his vocal weapon. Strong yet clear, his voice suggests that there’s a depth from which he can soar. As twiddling melodies announce themselves, that depth becomes clear, before he trims the backdrop to allow his velvet missile to close affairs.

There’s little in The Jackal which is new or dangerous – sensitive and delicate indie, combined with a rich vocal, has become a popular go-to in this post-James Blake world. That, though, is not an issue because JAKL excels at what he does. If you chose to avoid indie that feels a song is only right when tapping its toe, in preference for something a little moodier and darker, then The Jackal will be the sort of alleyway you won’t mind finding yourself lost in.

Verdict: Delicate, vocal-driven indie

Damien Girling

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