Stranger by Alfie Connor (Single)

Alfie Connor – Stranger cover
Alfie Connor

Alfie Connor mourns a relationship turned sour.

The debut single from Sheffield’s Alfie Connor is a dark R&B inflected pop song full of potential and early promise

Alfie Connor – Stranger covertranger is the debut single from Sheffield songwriter Alfie Connor and it is a track which suggests he might follow in the successful footsteps of fellow Steel City alumni Richard Hawley and the Arctic Monkeys.

Crisp guitars and a polished R&B production wash over Connor as he mourns a relationship turned sour. A powerful falsetto is sweetened further by the singer’s Yorkshire lilt and a universal tale becomes something specific and intriguing as he sings of “oversized feet and your bewitched eyes”. Anguish and loss echo in the haunting backing vocals, disappearing into nothingness as the love affair dissolves.

Stranger seemingly fits in with the soul-baring nature of so much of the current pop scene. Thankfully, Connor’s songwriting is strong enough to bring something different to the genre and make this an accomplished first outing.

Verdict: Simple yet memorable.

Duncan Haskell

Watch the video for Alfie Connor’s Stranger below…

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