On The Stereo #73

Mali Koa
Mali Koa

London-based, Australian singer-songwriter Mali-Koa: pop at its most powerful

Time to check out some new songs from Mali-Koa, Spill Gold, Lande Hekt, Kwaye, Gia Ford, Justin Nozuka and more


The title track from Mali-Koa’s recently released debut album, Hunger is an ode to chasing the dream, no matter how impossible it seems or the obstacles that get in your way. As much strength can be drawn from the arrangement as the lyrics, this is pop at its most powerful.

Beast Machine Alien

On Beast Machine Alien the experimental psych-pop duo of Rosa Ronsdorf and Nina de Jong, known as Spill Gold, bring their rhythmic rumblings to life in spectacular fashion. This is pulsating and powerful stuff.


A song about breaking up with someone you weren’t ever going out with in the first place, Undone is the latest track by Lande Hekt to suggest that going solo was the right move for her. Stylistically, we’re talking classic 80s indie rock.


Run by Kwaye is a master class on how to use dynamics in songwriting. At points intimate and introspective, at others explosive and expansive, it’s these shifting sands which keeps the listener constantly engaged.

This Town

From the very first second, with its confessional vocal, Gia Ford’s This Town comes straight from the heart. The piano accompaniment provides a suitable uncluttered backdrop, giving her words the space they need to breathe.

Satin Glow

Satin Glow from Nashville-based band Crumbsnatchers brings with it a buoyant warmth that is most welcome on this cold November morning. From its super funky intro onwards, this is indie rock which you can’t help but bounce along to.

No One But You

The laidback and soulful music of Justin Nozuka turns out to be the perfect setting for vocalist Mahalia, who shares singing duties on No One But You. The resulting collaboration is comforting and cosy without ever veering too close to the middle of the road. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KGPpgT0R44

Saving All My Love

With a beat borrowed from the dancehall, Empara Mi’s Saving All My Love oozes with sensuality. Dig a little deeper though and there’s a sense of sadness to be found beneath the pulsating rhythm.

Songfest 2024


Guildford’s finest, Son of Cabe (Conor McCabe and Jack Holland), return with their fourth single of the year Whistler. Anthemic pop-rock, it’s the injection of energy, positivity and escapism that we could all do with right now.


Wistful beginnings can’t stop Sam Johnson’s Nineteen from breaking out in an explosion of triumphant nostalgia. The joy Johnson takes from looking back on his late teens is as infectious as the production is powerful.

Words: Duncan Haskell

Listen to these songs and other On The Stereo selections via the Songwriting Magazine Spotify #ONTHESTEREO playlist.

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