On The Stereo #63

Her Songs by Malthe Milthers
Her Songs by Malthe Milthers

Her Songs: a global female collective of producers, musicians, songwriters and artists. Photo: Malthe Milthers

Check out these new tracks from Her Songs, McHIFI, Brent Cobb, Tanzos, Campbell Sibthorpe, Aryon Jones, Baby Fuzz and more

Lost A Little

Each member of the R&B collective Her Songs gets to showcase their talents on new single Lost A Little. Vocals entwine around the track’s sparkling production, creating a welcoming world in which to spend a few delightful minutes.

Bunker To Bunker

Bunker To Bunker is the debut single from McHIFI – a collaboration between David McAlmont and Hifi Sean (of Soup Dragons). Bringing together pop, soul and electronica, the song has a rhythmic bounce and manages to showcase the talents of both its dynamic members.


Percussion and synth surge in and out of being on Hey Elbow’s new song Nurture/Aptitude. Adding to the track’s dizzying charm are Julia Ringdahl’s clipped vocals, as if she’s doing everything she can not to trip over her own words.

How Do You Want Me?

We’re kicking this week off with some thumping indie rock courtesy of Austria’s Tanzos. How Do You Want Me? contains the triple threat of pounding drums, wailing guitars and Mik’s powerful vocals – a winning combination.

Good Lord

Fans of Midlake and Fleet Foxes will definitely dig Good Lord, the new single by Australian-born/London-based singer-songwriter Campbell Sibthorpe. Multi-textured with several passages contained within one song, this is quality stuff.

Take Me Away

Take Me Away is the debut single by Ayron Jones. Part grunge, part hard rock, and imbued with plenty of soul; from Hendrix to Nirvana, the history of Seattle’s music scene courses through the veins of this titan of a song.

Still Here

What’s most striking about Lake & Lyndale’s new single Still Here is the way that it continues to build. Starting out as a simple acoustic number, drums, bass and wailing guitar solos eventually crash the party. Channing Marie’s vocals are more than a match for them all.

Weekend Blues

On Weekend Blues, absurdist pop artist Baby Fuzz ably transforms various items of musical bric-a-brac into something coherent. Mariachi horns, discordant piano runs and synth FX all combine to create an appealingly playful atmosphere.

Time, On Fire

A poetic folk-pop number, Time, On Fire really whets the appetite for HC McEntire’s new album Eno Axis. A reflective ode to the simple life, you get a sense of the songwriter’s every day existence, and it’s an inviting one.

The World Is Ending

A laidback groove takes the edge off the heavy subject matter on Brent Cobb’s The World Is Ending. Written years ago but very appropriate right now, if this really is the end of days then this might just be the perfect song to play us out.

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Words: Duncan Haskell

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