On The Stereo #62

Willie Jones
Willie Jones

Willie Jones: The happy union between modern country music and hip hop

Our recent collection of new releases features Willie Jones, Courtney Marie Andrews, Hi Frisco, Birdmask, Naeem, Kaia Vieira and more

The Care Giver

It’s probably no surprise that, from our base in Bristol, our ears prick up when a song comes along which evokes trip hop’s glory days. Such is the case with The Care Giver by Kaia Vieira, bringing to mind peak Massive Attack.


Henry Eastham and Felix Rashman of Hi Frisco know how to make a racket, one which is all the more powerful due to the fact that there’s only two of them. New single Gold packs a punch with its bursts of guitar and thundering drumbeat.

It Must Be Someone Else’s Fault

Heartfelt and introspective honesty is exactly what we’ve come to expect from singer-songwriter Courtney Marie Andrews and the poignant It Must Be Someone Else’s Fault continues that tradition.


Twins Maren and Charlotte are The Ella Sisters and their new song Cars only cements Norway’s place as the home of captivating pop. Like peak Sigrid, but with the added attack of the sister’s powerful harmonies, this is catchy as hell.

Back Porch

The happy union between modern country music and hip hop continues on Willie Jones’ new single Back Porch. Co-written by Jones, Nick Autry and Michael Lotten, the loose groove and laid-back feel are perfect for the start of summer.

Set Me On Fire

Church organ, choral backing vocals and fervent blasts of drumming help to scorch the earth on Birdmask’s new song Set Me On Fire. Comparisons with Hozier are understandable, there’s similar passion and raw emotion on display here.

Let Go

Let Go by Glaswegian four-piece Lucia & The Best Boys is alluringly beautiful dream-pop which conveys both strength and vulnerability. The song’s steady and moderate pacing lends it a meditative quality.

Funeral For A Lover

Funeral For A Lover is a raw and emotional ballad from Canadian songwriter JJ Wilde. It only takes a few bars to realise how deeply personal the song’s subject matter must be, every bit of hurt can be heard.

Stone Harbor

A heartfelt love song laid down over quite a simple backdrop of beats and musical flourishes, N/A/E/E/M’s Stone Harbor gets its message across without the need for production gimmickry and is all the more impactful for it.

Next 2 Me

Anyone who has been separated from a loved one during lockdown will empathise with the sentiment expressed by Armaan Malik on his latest single, Next 2 Me. It’s also a pop gem which will appeal to fans of Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran.

Mike Batt at French House Party 2024

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Words: Duncan Haskell

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