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Singing Adams Moves

Singing Adams

Can Swinging Adams ‘Move’ into the limelight and achieve the commercial success his second album deserves? Rhys Buchanan hopes so

Singing Adams Moves

inging Adams is back, with the follow-up to his critically acclaimed debut Everybody Friends Now?. Now, it’s often said that the tricky second album is what separates the men from the boys… well with Moves, Steven Adams put himself firmly in the company of men.

No Rock Song is a catchy, punchy opener, the kind of music you can imagine yourself listening to while lying in a festival field with a few mates and a cool beer in gripped in your hand. With such a promising opening one might expect an average dull, ‘meh’ track next. But no! Singing Adams maintains this upbeat sunny feel throughout the album. That’s one of my favourite things about this record: its consistent ebullience.

Fans of Kasabian should give this album a thorough listen, particularly the song Black Cloud, whose emotive, distorted guitar intro bears many similarities to the work of Sergio Pizzorno. The lyrics “Take what you need, do what you want, enjoy yourself, you know you can” repeat throughout, scrawling the album’s spirit of freedom upon the walls of your mind.

As a whole, the album has a delicate, calculated feel and features a diverse array of styles, with the piano used to full effect. This is particularly felt in the last track, What Happens Now, whose poignant impact has echoes of Radiohead and Thom Yorke.

It’s a delight to have discovered this album, which consists of ten magnificent gems. Let’s hope it achieves the commercial success it deserves.

Verdict: A reminder that melody and subtle, swooping guitars make for a truly gorgeous fusion

Rhys Buchanan

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