On The Stereo #69

Nana Adjoa. Photo: Robbert Doelwijt Jr
Nana Adjoa. Photo: Robbert Doelwijt Jr

Nana Adjoa: National Song has an anthemic feel to it grand enough for everyone to embrace. Photo: Robbert Doelwijt Jr

New music from Nana Adjoa, Tim Burgess, Goldteeth, Kerri Martin, Nubiyan Twist, Halina Rice, Charlie Belle, Marina Massanova and more

National Song

On National Song Nana Adjoa searches for identity in the face of pitchfork waving neo-nationalists. Questioning the desire to belong to a country, confined by borders, the synth-heavy track has an anthemic feel to it grand enough for everyone to embrace.

Once I Got Away From You Then Everything Worked Out

Once I Got Away From You Then Everything Worked Out is a deliciously soulful pop jam from Goldteeth and Murkage Dave. From the former’s sumptuous bass to the latter’s smooth vocals, both men get to show off their considerable talents.


A little bit of pop, healthy dose of punk, sprinkling of hip hop and a whole lotta attitude, Ukraine’s Marina Massanova doesn’t hold back on new single Dank’o’holic. The result is as infectious as it is energy-filled; we defy anyone not to jump around their living room to this one.

What’s The Deal

Emerging from their Catskills enclave with What’s The Deal, The Nude Party bring back the Stonesy vibe their fans know and love them for. There’s also more than a little substance beneath the song’s beer-stained surface.

Working On The Frontline

Have seen photos taken by a nurse working through the Covid-19 pandemic, Jessie & The Leonards were inspired to create Working On The Frontline. Proceeds from the track (and parent album) will go to RCN Foundation COVID-19 Support Fund.

I Can’t Believe The I Love You’s

Kerri Martin is a singer-songwriter with roots in the world of classical music. That foundation is immediately discernible on I Can’t Believe The I Love You’s. Taken from her new EP, it lends the track an impressive sense of majesty.

Tittle Tattle

Guest vocalist Cherise brings the fire on Tittle Tattle, taken from Nubiyan Twist’s upcoming album Freedom Fables. Also feeding the flames are blasts of afro-jazz horns, garage beats and seriously funky vibes.

Yours. To Be

Like the first rays of sunshine creeping through the curtains in the early morning, Yours. To Be by Tim Burgess brings with it a sense of warmth and optimism. A softly shuffling ballad, Burgess’s sweet voice is the perfectly vessel to carry the song into the breaking day.

USA Songwriting Competition 2024


There’s a hypnotically futuristic feel to Spheres by Halina Rice. Alien-like vocal samples, clinical beats and minatory synths all help to build an ambience which is both intriguing and slightly hostile.

Looking For Magic

We were massive fans of Charlie Belle the first time round and, based on the strengths of comeback song Looking For Magic, we definitely still feel the same way. There’s no trick to what they do… great indie-pop packed with melody.

Words: Duncan Haskell

Listen to these songs and other On The Stereo selections via the Songwriting Magazine Spotify #ONTHESTEREO playlist.

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