On The Stereo #66


Roachford: once more showcasing his rich and soulful voice

Enjoying some cracking new songs from Roachford, Everything Everything, Tatyana, Katrina, Holy Motors, Jones, Calva Louise, Robin Kester and more

Gonna Be The One

With the release of his new album postponed until September, Roachford’s new single Gonna Be The One only heightens expectation. Once more showcasing his rich and soulful voice, the Motown influences lend the song an instantly classic feel.

Violent Sun

Manchester four-piece Everything Everything prepare to release their eagerly anticipated fifth album and Violent Sun is a tantalising taste of what to expect. The high-tempo single is a thrilling ride, both lyrically and musically, that begs to be played on repeat.

Over Again

On TATYANA’s Over Again cycles of electronica swirl, building with each new repetition. Like a thought that gets stuck in your head, it twists and turns, contracts and expands, until there is no space left for anything else.

I Wish

I Wish by Calva Louise brings to mind Yeah Yeah Yeah’s during their It’s Blitz! era. Elements of electronica bolster the three-piece’s sonic arsenal. It’s all there on a song which slithers around its own cosmic landscape.

Cigarette Song

Delicate guitars and hazy vocals fuse on Cigarette Song and it’s a spellbinding combination. A brass section courtesy of Villagers’ Conor O’Brien adds further weight to Robin Kester’s tale of a broken marriage.


The wonderful Katrina from Katrina and The Waves is back. The soundtrack to your next road trip, new single Drive is a reminder of her classic style – with more than a dash of Blondie thrown in for good measure.


One is the new single from Somerset-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Matthew Adams/Julius Way. Softly poignant, with counterpoint vocals from Esmeralda Vere, a sense of belonging pours out from both the music and lyrics.

Camera Flash

On Camera Flash, London’s JONES filters R&B, pop and electro into something quite stunning. Written with her friend FYFE, the song shifts, sways and saunters itself across the dancefloor.

What Makes A Man

Recorded in his girlfriend’s home in Leamington, Ontario, What Makes A Man by Billy Raffoul is stripped-back, raw and entirely authentic. It also sees him dabbling with harmonica for the first time, a move which adds to the song’s rustic charm.

Endless Night

New song Endless Night finds Holy Motors casting an appropriately film noir shadow over their after-hours tale of an enforced motel stay. Eliann Tulve’s woozy vocals add to the unease, with eerie guitars also playing their part.

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Words: Duncan Haskell, Aaron Slater

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