Heartattack by Thea & The Wild (Single)

Heartattack by Thea & The Wild
Thea & The Wild

Thea & The Wild’s erudite pop will please the synth-minded indie fan

‘Heartattack’ is the debut UK release by the Norwegian songwriter Thea & The Wild, and is replete with moody melodies

Heartattack by Thea & The Wild

hea Glenton Raknes may be unknown to UK ears, but the Norwegian indie-pop songwriter is an acclaimed writer and producer in her homeland. Not that this matters, because despite her relative anonymity to British ears you’ll no doubt have heard one of the artists for whom her UK debut single Heartattack shares an immediate affinity.

Opening with clanking drums and a rising synth, Heartattack bears the hallmark of the noted UK songwriter Bat For Lashes. Raknes’ vocal line too is possessed of a similar richness and capacity to arrow straight into the melody that Natasha Khan has. However Thea & The Wild is no imitator. Other influences are at play on Hearttack, such as the Kate Bush background yelps in the chorus, and frosty dream-pop melodies that augment the song’s penultimate section.

Overall, Heartattack is a thoroughly promising first release for Thea & The Wild’s UK audience: it’s catchy, erudite and smartly composed. It’s an introduction that promises much, without revealing so much that Thea & The Wild has pigeonholed herself. As such, fans of delicately crafted, synth-driven indie will find much to enjoy here.

Verdict: Compelling electronic pop

Damien Girling

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