Struck by Velour Modular (Single)

Stuck by Velour Modular
Velour Modular

Annabelle Guilhem is a songwriter who will stick in your head

Velour Modular’s new single ‘Struck’ brings a darker, smoother modern dance music sound to her trademark European-influenced leftfield pop

Struck by Velour Modular

elour Modular – also known as Annabelle Guilhem – is a French musician now living in London. Before her move Guilhem worked in theatre, directing and singing in other artists’ projects, but came to England to create her own sound. Her previous Capsule EP was an artistic, philosophical story of the human developmental cycle which was met positively. This time round she has enlisted the help of German producer Phon.o, who aids in giving her a much glossier, experimental pop sound with new single Struck.

The track begins with a dark buzz of synths, loops of down-tuned voices and piano progressions. The deep house subtleties throughout the track really excel it into sounding more polished and smooth. Vocally, Guilhem has a distinct, airy, accented voice: it is not the strongest, but it complements the tone of the music.

Guilhem’s past music was much more vivacious and clearly influenced by the likes of Scandinavian pop artists like Bjork and Iamamiwhoami. The difference between these tracks and Struck suggest that Guilhem may have not yet found a sound that entirely encapsulates her, but is narrowing down and finding individual, modern tasteful music with deep messages in the meantime.

Verdict: A slick, artistic leftfield pop song

Tilly Dowman

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