Swiss Lips-Got It Bad

‘Got It Bad’ by Swiss Lips (Single)

Swiss Lips

Swiss Lips “know how to lace their sound with fist crackling augmentation”

There’s no prize for guessing where synth-pop act Swiss Lips are from, with their heritage painted all-over their glossy sound

Swiss Lips-Got It Badhey’ve barely been around long enough to release the fated break-up record, but with major label tensions causing the dissolution of Manchester synth-pop act Swiss Lips, that’s precisely what Got It Bad is.

Opening with a synth-line that sounds like New Order’s True Faith re-worked for the EDM generation, Got It Bad grabs the attention quickly. Behind the hook, though, there’s more than just pandering to their gift for a catchy melody; the group know how to lace their sound with fist crackling augmentation, and do so with a ringing and squealing second hook that gives you little opportunity to pause for shoulder shrugging.

In the group’s statement they explained that Swiss Lips are now no more because “the thing we loved the most became a drain, it’s pretty gruesome out there for a small band in 2015.” Sadly the music scene has always been a grisly beast and one that’s ever willing to chew-up and spit out artists of youthful potential. Swiss Lips may have ended but the hook from Got It Bad will be left ringing in your head long after the group has gone.

Verdict: Supremely catchy electro-pop

Damien Girling

Three stars

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