In Search Of The Divine

‘In Search Of The Divine’ by The Pocket Gods (Single)

The Pocket Gods

“The Pocket Gods are a band out of time”

On ‘In Search Of The Divine’ The Pocket Gods announce themselves as an act that fans of Madchester will enjoy

In Search Of The Divineaving been discovered by John Peel, you’d expect that In Search Of The Divine would be a triumphant return from indie act The Pocket Gods. It is, though, their debut single and demands the question of was it all worth the wait?

Opening in the fashion of Screamadelica era Primal Scream – a lazy and intoxicating pulse overlaid with club-land psychedelia – the immediate sense is that The Pocket Gods are a band out of time. This is only enhanced by a squealing riff that pays homage to Happy Mondays’ Step On, and vocals could have been lifted from Spiritualized’s Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space.

Despite the leanings towards Madchester, it’s the later influence that rings truest and it gives In Search Of The Divine the feel of a track stumbled upon on in the mid-afternoon Sunday of Glastonbury Festival – when the hedonism burns rather than rages.

Despite the recent revival of baggy psychedelia, The Pocket Gods stick out like a sore blunt, and it’s to their credit that they do. For In Search Of The Divine is not a track of revivalism and homage, it’s one that’s living it’s age; like the guy who came to the party early and passed out beneath a pile of coats, only to rise as the night began to ebb away, The Pocket Gods just came to everyone’s attention a little later than they’d of hoped.

Verdict: Early 90s style mixing of Madchester and psychedelia

Damien Girling

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