‘Freedom’s Goblin’ by Ty Segall (Album)

‘Freedom’s Goblin’ by Ty Segall (Album)
Ty Segall

Ty Segall: the prince of garage rock. Pic: Denee Segall

Over the course of its 19 tracks, this album reveals the full extent of its creator’s impressive range and creativity

'Freedom’s Goblin' by Ty Segall (Album)To keep up with the output of the prince of garage rock is an exhausting task. Whether singles, EPs or studio albums, Segall continues to release music at a relentless rate. His latest offering is Freedom’s Goblin – nineteen tracks (four sides of vinyl) of varying styles, which were cut both at home and while out touring with The Freedom Band in 2017.

The title is entirely appropriate; there’s a freedom and impishness to the genre-hopping that keeps things fresh, even with such an extended running length. A ballad like Rain sits comfortably alongside a fuzzed-up cover of Hot Chocolate’s Every 1’s A Winner. She features some guitar shredding and frantic keys, before breaking out into the rolling drum solo of Prison. Rather than filter his ideas, he follows them all to their conclusion. This approach has led to the suggestion that, by being more selective and leaving a few tracks on the rehearsal room floor, Segall’s work could be more focused and, by inference, somehow better. But that’s missing the point entirely.

By flicking from the shouty and saxophone-fuelled Talkin 3 to the squelchy funk of The Main Pretender and then onto the mellow groove of I’m Free, you’re able to see creativity at its purest. You can understand why this might be too much for some, but if you’re prepared to follow Segall on his never-ending musical quest, the rewards are truly great.

Verdict: One of Segall’s finest albums yet

Duncan Haskell

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