EXCLUSIVE! ‘Revolution’ by Aja Warren

Aja Warren
Aja Warren

Bright lights, big city: Aja Warren

Our weekly exclusives move to a Monday, starting with this rather unusual short film-cum-music video from Los Angeles-based Aja Warren

Our weekly exclusives will be coming at you on a Monday from now on, and first up in the new slot is model, actress and singer Aja Warren, as we unveil the brand new short film she’s made to promote Revolution, a track from her debut album Misbehavin‘. The film is directed by Bryce Morgan and involves a “reincarnated love triangle”… we’d try and explain but you’re better off just watching it! Although this is the first time the video has been show publicly, it’s already won Best Music Video at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, while Action on Film nominated it for Best Music Video and Best Musical awards.

Aja grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is now based in Los Angeles, where she has a successful modelling and acting career as well as making music. Revolution, like much of her material, was co-written with long-term friend Mike Willis and Aja says of the video: “Revolution is a song about getting past all the ego that keeps us from sharing love with abandon. In the video we watch these three people try to find love lifetime after lifetime, always drawn to each other, but ego drives pulling them apart. When the thrill of the hunt and the desire to simply win overrides that feeling of loves abandon, our heroine decides she wants out of the cycle. It’s time for real love that comes from within, so she gives up her mortal fight and finds an ego-less love.

“I love female action heroes and wanted to portray various aspects of my personality and dramatic sides of myself, and when Bryce came to me with this concept I loved it. We had the incredible opportunity to work with seasoned fight and stunt choreographer Cole McKay, who was such a huge support. Learning the fight choreography was such a fun experience and something I look forward to doing much more of in the future.”

We’d say “think Tarantinto with a blues-tinged rock soundtrack”, but we never claimed to be movie critics! So what do you think?

Like that? There are nine more tracks like it on Misbehavin‘! For more details, see Aja Warren’s official website.

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