EXCLUSIVE! ‘Black Magic EP’ by Veronika Jokel

Veronika Jokel
Veronika Jokel

Veronika Jokel’s second EP ‘Black Magic’ is out on 17 February

This week’s exclusive features five tracks, in a world-first listen to the new EP by NYC pop artiste Veronika Jokel

Veronika Jokel EP sleeveSongwriting proudly brings you an exclusive first listen to the Black Magic EP by Veronika Jokel.

Based in NYC, Veronika released her debut EP last year and has been generating some serious heat on the blogosphere, with comparisons to the likes of Joss Stone and Kelly Clarkson abounding. That’s understandable, because as the five tracks below demonstrate, Veronika’s sound infuses unashamed out-and-out pop with indie and soul influences. She’s got the looks and image to match, too… which means that with even the tiniest amount of luck (and luck is ALWAYS a factor, believe!) it surely won’t be long before she’s troubling the Top 40.

A couple of the tracks below are already available to buy on iTunes, but this is the first time the whole EP’s been unveiled. It’s out on Tuesday (17 February) but remember: you heard it here first, pop-pickers!

Like what you hear? Then find Veronica on Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter, or at her own website

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