Dig It Out by Natalie McCool (Single)

Natalie McCool – Dig It Out cover
Natalie McCool

Will Macca be turning up to get his copy signed?

With famous fans and ringing vocal lucidity, Natalie McCool’s one folk artist that you’ll be glad to educate yourself in

Dig It Out

aving graduated from the esteemed Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts with top honours, Natalie McCool comes from an impressive background. With new single Dig It Out, her vibrant vocals and simplistic emotional folk-tinged pop music shows why prominent musical figures — including Paul McCartney and Steve Lamacq — are fans of her work.

Dig It Out is a subtle, stripped back, emotionally charged song. Musically it’s low-key, backed by a simplistic reverberating guitar pattern, which does not overwhelm her vocally; McCool’s vocal clarity is a complete charm.

It’s uncommon to be able to decipher lyrics with such ease. Fortunately, this rare talent is backed lyrically by picturesque metaphors. The chorus is a few steps short of a full punch but, regardless, it is still completely enjoyable. Compared to her previous single Wind Blows Harder, the slower, darker edge seems to really capture her musical abilities and this serves to make Dig It Out an enduring treat.

Verdict: well written bare and emotional pop music.

Tilly Dowman

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