‘Cool’ by Twinnie Lee Moore (Single)

Twinnie Lee Moore- Cool-single
Twinnie Lee Moore

Twinnie Lee Moore: a songwriter who is well versed in country and has a real appreciation for the mechanics of a pop song

Twinnie Lee Moore makes a bid to be the UK’s answer to Kylie, with the release of her debut single

Twinnie Lee Moore- Cool-singleWell, not quite. Although, it is inevitable to draw comparison to the Aussie superstar when an actress moves from the world of soap opera to hoping to break into the music industry. Known previously for her role as Porsche McQueen in Hollyoaks, Twinnie Lee Moore now hopes that her debut single Cool will see her famed for her genuine musical prowess, rather than simply playing a part.

It’s not a bad start at shifting those preconceptions away from canned acting, as Moore opens with some delicate finger picking and a voice that draws on the traditional honey drawl of country’s finest. The bridge is a little hollow in comparison – more pop given a country sheen, than pop-inspired country. However, the chorus brings Cool right back up, by occupying precisely the ground that Moore is arrowing at, and boring softly into your mind.

Twinnie Lee Moore is clearly a songwriter who is well-versed in country and has a real appreciation for the mechanics of a pop song. Where she falls slightly short at the moment is a sense of spirit and soul – Cool could just as easily have been written for Moore, as by her. There is, though, much to take heart from on the record and more than enough in the finely crafted melodies and Moore’s strong vocals to suggest that she can become a country-pop writer of note.

Verdict: Promising country-pop from a new talent to the scene

Damien Girling


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