‘Antecedence’ by F.O.E.S (EP)

F.O.E.S ‘Antecedence’ EP cover

F.O.E.S: building on their alt-rock foundations to deliver another riff-heavy set

The ‘Antecedence’ EP keeps up F.O.E.S’ building momentum and sets their stall out as future stars of the alt-rock scene

F.O.E.S 'Antecedence' EP cover.O.E.S are a quartet from Liverpool who released their debut EP to great acclaim last year. Antecedence is the follow-up to Ophir and sees the band building on their alt-rock foundations to deliver another riff-heavy set.

From the very first chord you are greeted by a distorted attack on the senses. Rival Thrones hurtles along, trying to keep pace with frontman Chris Mackrill as he rages “you’re not what you’re seem, you’re lying through your teeth”. Crown Antler carries on the sonic assault, with a relentless drumbeat and added screams. It’s not all fury, some needed is provided by both El Penumbra and No Sleepers Verse, with the crunching and swirling This Kingdom Come playing the part of piggy in the middle between them.

If there is a slight criticism of Antecedence, and it is only slight, it’s that it’s slightly predictable. You know when they’re going to rise and when they’re going to fall because you’ve heard it happen before. The lyrics too occasionally drift into the banal, as with No Sleepers Verse‘s opening line “there’s a chance that you won’t find this easy / you’ve been chasing shadows from the start”.

But this is nit-picking, as F.O.E.S really have come up with a hard hitting success. If they can add a dose of adventure to their unquestionable talents, then their debut album promises to be something quite special.

Verdict: Big, brash and booming

Duncan Haskell

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