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‘Settle Down’ by Oddity (Album)


Oddity: brandish their musical weapons with intent

With Steve Albini on production duty, this debut from the Chicago-based trio is a high-powered introduction to their rock sound

Oddity 'Settle Down' album coverChicago-based Oddity, known previously as Fletcher, changed their name when they reinvented their sound earlier in the year. The trio, led by frontman Oscar Baker, still brandish their musical weapons with intent and on their debut album, helmed by heavy weight producer Steve Albini, they deliver a hefty blow without quite landing the knockout punch.

Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters and Led Zeppelin are mentioned as influences but the main comparison that can be made is with U2. Tracks such as Night Owl, Get Out Of My Hair and Turn have all the hallmarks of Dublin’s favourite sons/ grandads. Baker’s vocals flourish when accompanied by his bandmates’ wall of sound but occasionally fall flat when isolated, as on the opening to My Own Vision.

Though the album doesn’t necessarily feel like one that you’ll be reaching for over and over again it’s not without its moments. Let Me Breathe is the most elastic track on show and the slow-burning Rolling With The Punches has plenty of guts and is a genuine treat. A few more tracks of this quality and Settle Down could cause quite a stir. As it stands it’s a solid first offering.

Verdict: Punchy alt-rock

Duncan Haskell

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