Introducing… Callum Beattie

Callum Beattie

Callum Beattie: “I find writing about life experiences very therapeutic.”

The sky is the limit for this talented singer-songwriter and he’s got his dad’s record collection to thank for it

Name: Callum Beattie

Age: 26

Location: Now London, originally Edinburgh

Style: Anthemic pop-rock with a story to tell

Look out for: New EP, Miracle

Origins are an essential part in the formation of any songwriter. Whether humble or privileged, they’re what inspire, make someone do everything for a better life or present possibilities to be taken advantage of. For singer-songwriter Callum Beattie, his Edinburgh origins were vital.

“My old man brought me up from an early age,” says Beattie. “It was just the two of us living in a little house that was falling apart. We didn’t have money to sort the dampness out or fix the heating that was constantly breaking down. We did however have a magical cupboard of all the vinyl that my dad had collected over the years.”

“It was then that I started becoming obsessed with the songwriting credits on each record,” he continues. “I saved up for a wee acoustic guitar and started writing about my life and experiences I had living in my hometown in Scotland. Looking back I wouldn’t change a single thing as it gave me lots to write about.”

These experiences bleed into his writing. “Some of my songs are about those struggles yet I try to turn them into a positive message overall,” he says. “I find writing about life experiences very therapeutic.”

The latest such song is Miracle, an empowering slice of modern pop which is also the title track of his new EP. “Miracle is a song all about jumping hurdles and obstacle that stand in your way. It’s a very positive song. I’m a strong believer that if you want anything in life you can have it, you just gotta work hard and search for it. Even if you feel like you’d need a miracle to have it.”

USA Songwriting Competition 2024

Whatever your origins, when you have a talent like Callum Beattie’s, the future is yours to write.

Interview: Duncan Haskell

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