Introducing… Dan Aura

Dan Aura
Dan Aura

Dan Aura: “Chords really give me my biggest inspiration…”

The rising teen sensation is ready to take the pop world by storm with the release of his debut single

Name: Dan Aura

Location: Brighton, U.K.

Style: Classic pop

Look out for: Debut single Changes out now, and more singles this year

Website:, and

The pop music genre is synonymous with ever-changing styles and crossovers. Taking this on board is rising star Dan Aura, who harnesses the pop and sultry RnB worlds to create a sound truly his own. “If Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder, and Whitney all had a love child that would definitely be me,” states Dan about his sound. Although he admits other genres have also played a part: “Funk definitely shaped my voice into the sound I have today.”

And while working on new music, Dan looks to the instrumental for inspiration, saying: “Chords really give me my biggest inspiration, so I usually go back to old 90s R&B tracks or classic funk tunes to find chordal inspiration. It’s hard not to feel like an imposter in today’s music industry, so I really like to focus on what I’m trying to say, and what people will be able to take away from the song.”

Growing up, he always had a passion for music and was an avid songwriter. This desire is starting to pay off and his craft has certainly been honed in recent years. “Writing gave me the creative outlet that I had been searching for, and acted as a major form of therapy as I progressed through the rough times I endured at school”, states the 19-year-old.

And now on the verge of breaking through in 2020, it’s clear that all this adolescent inspiration and natural talent is coming to fruition. However, being so young, how do his parents feel about him entering into the music industry? “My family have always been supportive of everything I do, and I appreciate how lucky I am to have that,” says Dan. “When I first started expressing my passion for music, they bought me my first keyboard, and funded my piano lessons which eventually helped me branch out into pop music and start writing my own songs.”

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