Waves Audio announces music PC

Waves Axis One
Waves Axis One

Axis One: moving into computers is uncharted territory for Waves

Plugin developer creates a computer designed for studio and stage, in what could be the first move of its kind

The plugin developer famous for its software and sample packs, Waves Audio, will be releasing its very own PC in 2019 – Axis One. Waves is promoting the Axis One as a ‘trustworthy turn-key solution’ for live sound, broadcasting and the studio. The rugged looking piece of kit is housed in a half-rack 2U case, optimised to run Waves audio applications.

Its SoundGrid connectivity means that the Axis One can link with any of Waves existing SoundGrid software and hardware systems, which offer real-time processing and networking. This allows the Axis One multiple capabilities, including the option to be placed in a broadcast AV rack, driving monitors, or for tracking, mixing and mastering.

Axis One specifications:

  • Computer-optimized to run Waves software applications
  • Intel i5 8500 Processor
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 256GB SSD Internal storage
  • Windows 10
  • Two HDMI ports, one display port
  • One SoundGrid port (EtherCon connector), one Ethernet port (RJ45 connector)
  • Eight USB2/USB3 ports, one USB-C port
  • Rack-mountable case, 2U half-rack

The Axis One is available to pre-order now. For more details, visit waves.com

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