The world’s first polyphonic clip-on guitar tuner

TC Electronic PolyTune Clip
TC Electronic PolyTune Clip

TC Electronic’s PolyTune Clip positioned on the headstock of a Taylor acoustic guitar

TC Electronic reveals the new PolyTune Clip that manages to distil polyphonic tuning technology into its smallest enclosure to date

anish audio equipment manufacturer TC Electronic is expanding its family of tuning devices with the PolyTune Clip, which the company proclaims as the world’s first polyphonic clip-on tuner. The accessory sports three distinct tuning modes ranging from the polyphonic tuning mode that lets you tune all six strings at once, to a regular chromatic tuner with a +/-0.5 cent tuning accuracy, and all the way to a strobe tuner mode which offers +/-0.02 cents of tuning precision.

PolyTune Clip also features an ‘ultra-bright’ adaptive screen that automatically detects if all strings are strummed at once, or if individual notes are plucked. It also automatically flips the screen to provide a visible readout no matter where it’s placed on the headstock. All of this is housed in TC Electronic’s smallest enclosure to date, with a high-end stainless steel clip.

“This is without doubt, the best clip-on tuner ever, it’s deadly accurate, easy to read, easy to use, and well made…which is what I was expecting from TC,” remarked guitarist, songwriter and recording artist Tommy Emmanuel.

TC Electronic’s PolyTune Clip is due for release in July at a recommended retail price of $49.99 (approx. £35). Watch the product preview video below and learn more at

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