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Olympus LS-P2 audio recorder
Olympus LS-P2 audio recorder

Olympus’s LS-P2 audio recorder: incorporates a TRESMIC, three-microphone system and supports Bluetooth connectivity

Two new pocket-sized high-resolution audio recorders, the LS-P1 and LS-P2 have a built-in USB connector, internal memory and MicroSD storage

Digital optical and audio manufacturer, Olympus has announced two new portable audio recorders: the LS-P1 and LS-P2. Both models form the new LS Pocket Series: one of the smallest high-resolution audio recorders at under 15cm tall and less than 1.8cm thick.

Both models feature a high-performance directional microphone system for true stereo sound, but the LS-P2 incorporates a TRESMIC, three-microphone system for expanded frequency response (20hz to 20,000 hz) and supports connection to external speakers via Bluetooth. In addition, the LS-P2 includes a ‘Normalization’ function enabling the levels of recorded files to be subsequently boosted to the optimal distortion-free maximum volume, without the need for a PC or additional software.

When it gets loud, the LS-P1 and LS-P2 are capable of handling sound pressure levels (SPL) of up to 120dB without clipping. If, on the other hand, a recording was made with levels that were too low, the LS-P2’s Normalization function allows the recording volume to be boosted to the maximum level possible without distortion. Recordings are saved in either MP3 or ‘better-than-CD’ Linear PCM 96kHZ/24bit format.

Besides the MicroSD storage option and the direct USB connector that is included on both models, the Olympus LS-P2 is additionally equipped with Bluetooth for wireless connectivity to compatible peripherals. Furthermore, by installing the Audio Controller BT app (available free of charge on Google Play), users can also control their LS-P2 remotely with their Android-based smartphone.

The LS-P1 is available in silver and the LS-P2 in black with recommended retail prices of £109.99 and £169.99, respectively. For more information, visit: olympus.co.uk

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