M-Audio unveils new monitor speakers

M-Audio BX8D3 monitor speakers
M-Audio BX8D3 monitor speakers

M-Audio BX8-D3 monitor speakers: able to adjust to any acoustic environmen

Two new powered studio reference monitors, BX5-D3 and BX8-D3, boast military-grade Kevlar and treated silk domes among their engineering innovations

Music production technology brand, M-Audio, has announced the introduction of two new studio reference monitor speakers, the five-inch BX5-D3 with 100 watts and the eight-inch BX8-D3 with 150 watts. The series boasts several engineering innovations: the woofer is made of military-grade Kevlar, designed to enhance transient response and detail resolution, and the tweeters are treated silk domes, which aim to eliminate audible resonances.

Both speakers have on-board internal amplification, tailored to the specific drivers they’re used with, for optimum response and maximum output. These utilise class A/B amplifier circuitry and a bi-amplified system: a separate amplifier drives the tweeter and the woofer, to lower distortion. Other features include flexible connectivity options, a flared bass port to reduce turbulence, and an Acoustic Space control.

“These new BX-D3 monitors really raise the bar for acoustic performance, connectivity and their ability to adjust to any acoustic environment,” says M-Audio’s David Gill. “In order to achieve such a high level of performance, we painstakingly addressed every single aspect of monitor design, from the drivers to the amplifiers to the enclosures and the final voicing itself.”

M-Audio’s BX5-D3 will retail at £99.99 and the BX8-D3 will be £124.99, with both becoming available this summer. For more information or to find your nearest dealer, visit m-audio.com

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