‘Who Dare’s’ by Circe’s Diner (Single)

Circe’s Diner ‘Who Dare’s’ single cover
Circe's Diner

Circe’s Diner: a clear musical bond in evidence

With their unique timing and exquisite harmonies, this Bristol-based duo have used their voices to create an enchanting alt-folk moment

Circe's Diner 'Who Dare's' single coverThe duo of Rosina Buck and Bronte Shande formed Circe’s Diner whilst studying at BIMM Bristol and, based on the strength of their latest single Who Dare’s, it was a sage decision indeed. There’s a clear musical bond in evidence which elevates the pair’s alt-folk to an enchanting new level.

Somehow, the potentially disparate combination of their minimalist style and the song’s bold message works in harmony. It’s as if by stripping away the layers they’re able to reveal their underlying bravery. Encouraging the listener to keep on in the face of heartbreak, they sing: “So drink wine with me / Until it turns light / And who knows this time it might turn out alright.”

Their mesmerising harmonies are equally unafraid, pairing Buck’s ethereal rasp (which takes the lead) with Shande’s bolder voice to provide a captivating reminder of just how powerful intertwining vocals can be. Perhaps most interesting of all is their tantalising timing, flittering and weaving around the melody and never quite falling into the usual rhythms. It’s what makes Who Dare’s so addictive and Circe’s Diner such an interesting proposition.

Verdict: Twinkling alt-folk

Duncan Haskell

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  1. Michael Goff

    As a songwriter and vocalist that loves harmony, I found this very refreshing and I like the unique feel to it. Great job ladies!

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