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IK Multimedia iRig Keys
IK Multimedia iRig Keys

IK Multimedia announces universal iRig Keys and iRig Keys PRO for Android, iOS, Mac and PC

IK Multimedia announces universal iRig Keys and iRig Keys PRO for Android, iOS, Mac and PC, with additional free software

Mobile music production specialists, IK Multimedia has announced that its iRig Keys range of mobile keyboard controllers is going universal. Both the portable iRig Keys and mobile full-size keyboard iRig Keys PRO controllers will now come with a Micro-USB to OTG cable for Android devices, in addition to their Lightning and USB cables, meaning both models are now ready to go with iOS and Android devices, as well as Mac/PC out of the box.

iRig Keys is a slimline, portable MIDI keyboard controller with 37 mini-keys, and the iRig Keys PRO is a similarly slim keyboard that features 37 full-sized keys. Both deliver a full 3 octave range (plus one note) and come equipped with mod and pitch bend wheels, a Volume/Data knob, a SET button for storage and recall of up to four different custom setups, input for a sustain or expression pedal.

Each now comes boxed with Lightning, Micro-USB to OTG and USB cables, meaning they can be used with Lightning-compatible iOS devices, Android devices and Mac/PC right out of the box. An optional 30-pin cable can also be purchased for use with 30-pin iOS devices. Regardless which device is being used, both keyboards offer a plug-and-play experience thanks to built-in Core MIDI compatibility for iOS and USB class compliance.

Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users will receive a complimentary version of iGrand Piano for iPhone and iPad, a concert-quality multi-velocity piano app that comes with two world-class piano sounds to start, plus one extra piano upon registration. 15 additional studio-grade instruments can be purchased from within the app. Apple iOS users will also get the complimentary version of SampleTank for iPhone and iPad, a complete mobile sound and groove workstation with 23 included sounds and registration unlocks 48 additional sounds.

Android users will receive iGrand Piano, a complimentary Android version of the aforementioned piano app that includes the same sounds as its iOS counterpart. Similarly, the app comes with two stock pianos and includes one extra upon registration. And, Android users will also receive a complimentary version of iLectric Piano, a studio-quality electric piano app with a library of multi-velocity stereo instruments. Users get two pianos to start with, plus one additional upon registration. 15 additional studio-grade instruments are also available via in-app purchase.

Computer users will receive SampleTank 3 SE, a special edition of the sound and groove workstation for Mac & PC, with a 6.5 GB library of sounds. Registration of iRig Keys or iRig Keys PRO adds to this base library with a bundle of extra sounds in the form of The Grid add-on collection. Plus, users can choose five additional free SampleTank instrument collections from its electronic-focused Elektronika and Beats series, and will receive 25 Custom Shop gear credits that can be used toward the purchase of additional SampleTank Instrument Collections.

Both Keys are also fully compatible with Apple’s GarageBand and Logic Pro X, and compatible with other third party apps and software, such as Samsung Soundcamp, Cubasis and MultiTrack DAW. iRig Keys and iRig Keys PRO are available now for $/€129.99 and $/€149.99 respectively. For more details, visit: irigkeys.com

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