Epiphone produces Masterbilt Century collection

Epiphone Masterbilt Century Collection
Epiphone Masterbilt Century Collection

Epiphone Masterbilt Century guitars (left to right): De Luxe, De Luxe Classic, Zenith, Zenith Classic and Olympic

The 140-year-old brand’s first line of new archtop acoustic/electric guitars made to be played and amplified as true acoustic instruments

Epiphone produced the original Masterbilt archtops in the 1930s, but following the invention of the electric guitar pickup, most archtop acoustic guitars were transformed into ‘electric’ guitars. The new Masterbilt Century collection brings these worlds together with the eSonic HD preamp and Shadow NanoFlex HD Under-saddle pickup, allowing guitarists to plug in any Masterbilt Century archtop acoustic/electric into an amp or PA and hear the guitar’s true acoustic tone.

The new Masterbilt Century collection features all solid spruce tops with classic longitudinal bracing. The instruments also feature a recreation of the original Epiphone headstock with ‘mother of pearl’ banner inlay, dual action truss rod, bone nut, aged nickel 18:1 tuners, ebony and rosewood fretboards, and the eSonic HD preamp system and Shadow NanoFlex HD under-saddle pickup.

The Masterbilt Century De Luxe and De Luxe Classic recreate the Epiphone full-body archtop tone, with a 17-inch lower bout. The Zenith and Zenith Classic are medium-sized 16-inch archtops with an arched solid spruce top with traditional longitudinal bracing and a laminated flame maple body. The Olympic acoustic/electric guitar is a smaller-sized archtop with an arched solid spruce top with traditional longitudinal bracing, a mahogany body and classic f-holes.

An optional custom Masterbilt Century hard case is available for each instrument. To find out more, go to epiphone.com/mbcentury

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  1. Mark wootton

    Apparently the preorder prices are pretty meaningless as gibson/epiphone is putting up the prices as they now believe there will be high demand, this will weaken any value for money reason to buy this model epiphone, it’s a shame as I had planned to buy one but am now rethinking as newer prices adds to both guitar and case prices making the total around £820 for the deluxe classic model

    • Mark wootton

      Apparently the vintage natural finish may not be in UK until 2017 and stores I have spoken to said they have been rather vague about when stock gets to UK.

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