EXCLUSIVE! ‘Let the Fire Glow’ by Epoch Failure

Epoch Failure
Epoch Failure

Epoch Failure: “Whether big or small, keep on fanning your flames.”

Our first exclusive of the week comes courtesy of an American urban-pop duo who’ve fought hardship to make their music

Comprised of singer Billy Joe Marrero (aka ‘Billy The Kidd’) and rapper Nick Young (aka ‘Nickey Knoxx’), Epoch Failure are a crisp urban-pop duo, who come armed with the hooks to match their gifted vocal skills.

Marrero’s break in music came courtesy of his poverty stricken upbringing; in 2007 ABC’s 20/20* came to Marrero’s home Camden to profile families living in extreme poverty. Struck by Marrero’s charisma, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition gave Marrero’s home an upgrade, which included providing Marrero with the recording studio he needed to begin making his way in music.

Young’s background is slightly different. Born in Brooklyn, raised in South Carolina, then bounced around the east coast, landing in Trenton, NJ. He enlisted in the army as a way of securing a college education and while there composed some of the rhymes that has honed his skill as a rapper. Young now serves full time in the New Jersey Army National Guard as a photographer and broadcast journalist, alongside his work in Epoch Failure.

Let the Fire Glow is Epoch Failure’s new single and speaking of the song, Young had this to say: “For me, Let the Fire Glow was about focusing on the spark that ignited my passions. There are so many ways that people will try to put you down or ‘extinguish your flame.’ But just like the gospel song, This Little Light of Mine, you’ve got to let your light shine regardless of what others may think or do or say. Find who you are down inside, in the darkness, and then use that spark to start your own fire. And then, whether big or small, keep on fanning your flames.”

Epoch Failure have drawn comparison to Stupid Kids, The New Electric and iSH. We think that fans of KFC and Primetime Playerz will also find much to enjoy in their music. Don’t just take our word for it, though, listen to Let the Fire Glow and see what you think.

Like that? Then find Epoch Failure on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or at their own website.

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