Date set for next Pro7ect songwriters retreat

Pro7ect Songwriters Retreat
Pro7ect Songwriters Retreat

Attendees at Pro7ect’s 2016 retreat: 14 participating songwriters and artists wrote and recorded 15 songs in four days

Fourth annual songwriting event in Brighton is confirmed for 2017 with Brand New Heavies producer Andrew Levy already lined up

Now in its fourth year, the next Pro7ect songwriters retreat is confirmed to take place at Brighton’s Hotel Pelirocco from 12-17 March 2017. The four-day event gives songwriters and artists the opportunity to collaborate with producers such as Liam Howe (Lana Del Ray/Ellie Goulding/FKA Twigs), Stew Jackson (Massive Attack/Phantom Limb) and Andrew Levy (Brand New Heavies), which has already resulted in success with songs created at previous events attracting attention from the music industry.

“Our aim is to facilitate creative retreats where songwriters, producers and musicians join forces to inspire musical collaboration,” explains Lisa Fitzgibbon, who co-founded Pro7ect with Ivor Novello award-nominated producer/composer Ian Wallman. “The benefits of collaboration are obvious – this year, for example, 14 participating songwriters and artists wrote and recorded 15 songs in four days. That level of creativity would be hard to sustain on your own, but when you get a group of like-minded people together, it is amazing to see what they can achieve.”

For the duration of Pro7ect, four pop-up recording studios are installed at various locations around the hotel, with participants working in teams led by a producer to write one track each day. The teams are changed daily and the songs are either written for one of the artists in the room or to spec using tip sheets supplied. Every evening there is a feedback session where teams play the result of their day’s work to the entire group.

The cost of participating at Pro7ect 2017 ranges between £789–£969, which includes food and accommodation for five nights. To find out more, watch the promo video below and visit:

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