X-Files star David Duchovny likens his debut album to R.E.M. and Wilco

David Duchovny
David Duchovny

“It’s like R.E.M. It’s like Wilco… It’s in my dreams, of course, is these things.”

Having announced his intention to follow a career as a musician, David Duchovny reveals the influences for his debut album

ver wondered what an album by David Duchovny would sound like? Well you need not worry anymore because the truth is out there, according to Mr Duchovny himself. Speaking to Billboard, the X-Files star explained that his debut album Hell Or Highwater was cut from the same musical cloth as college rock legends R.E.M. and alt-country rock heroes Wilco. Duchovny said “I sound like I’m bragging because I’m gonna tell you [Hell Or Highwater sounds] like great sounds. It’s like R.E.M.. It’s like Wilco… It’s in my dreams, of course, is these things.”

Duchovny also revealed that he’s had to put the hard graft in to arrive at a singing voice that he’s now ‘tickled’ by, explaining, “I’m not a guy who came out of the womb with perfect pitch. I’m never gonna win American Idol and I never will, but I do have something to say and Don [Lawrence, Duchovny’s vocal coach] helped me maximize that. I do have enough of a sense of pitch that I know I’m not singing it correctly so I’m in that hell where I know I’m tone-deaf. But I listened to the album and I like the singing on it. I’m tickled by it.”

Hell Or Highwater is released next Tuesday (12th May). You can see the tracklisting below and despite Duchovny’s assertion that American alt rock accounts for its style, we can’t but help thinking that the sound might just have a hint of Welsh flavour about it…

Let it Rain
Hell Or Highwater
The Things
The Rain Song
Unsaid Undone
Lately It’s Always December
Another Year
When The Time Comes
Positively Madison Avenue

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