‘Morning Rain’ by Adam Torres (Single)

Adam Torres ‘Morning Rain’ album cover
Adam Torres

Adam Torres: a highly regarded Texan singer-songwriter and conservationist

The latest single from this folk maestro picks apart every emotion and will leave you wanting to continue the journey

Adam Torres 'Morning Rain' album coverMorning Rain is the new single taken from the highly regarded Texan singer-songwriter and conservationist, Adam Torres’ much anticipated sophomore forthcoming album Pearls To Swine.

The track has a calm sadness which sees the protagonist in the midst of a battle to overcome an oppressive force. It is a haunting folk song that leads the way to a brighter path, with hopeful strings and progressive structure. Torres’ vocals are an almost operatic call to arms, inviting the listener “to walk in the morning rain.”

Once the track fades out, you will feel neither emotionally satisfied or at a complete loss. There is a strong sense that the adventure is far from over; an itch that will surely be scratched with a full spin of the album.

Verdict: Folk music that doesn’t reek of stale ale or hipster idiosyncrasy

David Chrzanowski

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