The Week In Review (26 June – 2 July)


Thank you to everyone who helped make the release of our first ‘How I Wrote’ book possible. Image by Tessa Beeching

We’re back to bring you our latest weekly round-up, which again features our SongsOfTheWeek playlist and Classic Of The Week

Good day to you folks. You can probaby guess what we’ve been up to this week. That’s right, dear readers, this week one event alone has dominated our thoughts and actions: the launch party for our first How I Wrote book. We want to thank everyone who came along to the event on Thursday (28 June), the wonderful Circe’s Diner and Elles Bailey for performing and all of the people who have helped us along the way. But most of all, we want to thank you, dear readers. Without you there would be no book; you’re the lifeblood of Songwriting Magazine and this book is for you. We hope that you enjoy it.

Classic Of The Week

‘Light My Fire’ by The Doors (1967)

Ironically it was this, their second single, that saw The Doors break on through to global success. Reaching No 1 in their US homeland and No 49 in the UK, Light My Fire announced the arrival of one of the most enduring and successful rock bands of all time. You can read the story behind how The Doors wrote the song in our book.

Songs Of The Week

Song: Superfresh
Artist: Jamiroquai

Song: Who Dares
Artist: Circe’s Diner

Song: Down In The Cut
Artist: Three for Silver

Song: Brother
Artist: Kodaline

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