Global Music Awards open for entries

Global Music Awards
Global Music Awards

Global Music Awards: “our judging process honours both polished artists and those in which we sense future potential”

The music competition welcomes participation from any artists, bands, singers, songwriters and composers, who submit an original piece of music

Quarterly competition, Global Music Awards, has announced the start of a new contest and is welcoming participation via an online entry form. The awards is said to honour talented artists with unique voices, who submit original music, and is open to musicians, bands, singers, composers, faculties and students.

Selected top award winners are featured with an exclusive display in Billboard Magazine, and further selected winners get a mentoring session with top echelon industry insiders. The organisers also announce winners to an email list of more than 29,000 musicians and industry insiders, blog about winning entries in a bi-weekly newsletter, issue press releases and promote winners via social media.

The Global Music Awards judging panel will not be considering the size of each entrant’s fan base, popularity or level of record sales. Instead, submissions are curated based on creativity and quality of musical craft. As explained on the website: “We want to be surprised and moved by what we hear. We want to be convinced that those we honour can really move an audience. The musical joy of artists we select must be infectious. We want the artist to remind us why we care about music so much in the first place. Our judging process honours both polished artists and those in which we sense future potential.”

The latest ‘Best of Show’ Gold Medal winner of the Global Music Awards was Ramon Gallifa from Spain, who took top honours for The Morning Bridges – a world music pre-release album of folk music featuring 26 individual vocalists and instrumentalists, six orchestra and choirs from Canada, Chile, China, Hungary, Taiwan and the United States, and lyrics in six languages.

The next entry deadline is 4 September 2017 and a primary entry fee of $50 is required. Find out more at the Global Music Awards website:

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