The Week In Review (21 – 27 August)


We adore shoegaze

This bank holiday weekend we’re bringing you our latest round-up of the last week in music, featuring a shoegaze classic

Welcome back, dear readers. In the UK we hope your enjoying your bank holiday weekend as much as we are. For those of you not fortunate enough to have an extra day off work, we hope that this week’s classic track will be a welcome close to the weekend. Enjoy!

Classic Of The Week

‘Only Shallow’ by My Bloody Valentine (1991)

We’re enormous fans of shoegaze in Team Songwriting. So, we were stunned to realise that we’ve got nearly a year into the Week In Review without featuring a shozegaze track in our Classic Of The Week. Shame on us. To remedy our error we felt it only right and proper to give you the finest shoegaze track of all time. For those of you who’ve heard the legendary Irish group’s opening song to their unbelievably good second album, Loveless, this will be akin to finding a £20 note in your wallet that you forgot you had. For any first time listeners, this will be like finding an envelope stuffed full of £20 notes. You’re welcome.

Classic Of The Week Playlist

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