The Music Development Agency announces launch

The Music Development Agency
The Music Development Agency

The Music Development Agency: “focused on return on investment to enable music creators and commercial brands collaborate”

Coinciding with the opening of a recording studio in NYC, the platform aims to propel growth for musicians and brands

After operating in beta for two years, The Music Development Agency is announcing the full launch of their company this summer, coinciding with the opening of their recording studio in New York City. The company offers a technology-fueled platform that leverages the power of music to propel growth for musicians, music creators, and commercial brands.

In summary, The Music Development Agency offers a music strategy platform with three umbrella programs – Music Development, Music Showcasing and Brand Partnerships – all designed to find and capitalise on existing opportunities as well as create new ones, to help musicians and commercial brands reach, engage and build long-lasting bonds with fans and consumers.

“We imagined a place where musicians and music creators had a support structure that truly nurtured their talent to create the best music they could; a platform drenched in music culture yet also focused on return on investment to enable music creators and commercial brands collaborate without friction to harness the power of music to reach their goals,” says The Music Development Agency’s Brian Graham.

An example of that approach is the #FansDecide100k by @TheMusicDA contest, which is giving emerging artists the chance to win a $100,000 prize to produce, release and market a single or EP this summer.

To learn more about The Music Development Agency, visit the company’s website at

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