Musicians Institute launches online courses

MI Online
MI Online

MI Online: “Simple and accessible for anyone, anywhere – even at home in your underwear”

New live lectures and virtual music lessons include Harmony & Theory Fundamentals, Approach To Guitar Improvisation and Ear Training Fundamentals

Music education institution Musicians Institute has unveiled its online courses providing real-world, artist-driven learning opportunities. MI Online (MIO) is open to students around the world and includes online programs in improvisation from jazz, blues and rock guitarist Scott Henderson. Other courses include ‘Intro To DJing’ by Charles Chemery and foundational music courses ‘Harmony & Theory Fundamentals’ and ‘Ear Training Fundamentals’, with a larger, specialised catalogue to come.

Priced at $799, the 10-week online courses provide a mix of pre-recorded video lessons, weekly assignments and live lectures that use streaming technology. With small-sized classes capped at 20 students, MI Online’s interactive Learning Management System (LMS) allows students to engage in discussions and lectures with their classmates and instructors. MIO’s instructors provide personalised feedback for students and the course content is all artist-driven, designed to help students gain real-world musical skills and training. Students who achieve grades of 70% or above will then be awarded an MI Online Certificate of Accomplishment.

Scott Henderson’s Approach To Guitar Improvisation provides an opportunity to explore how to apply diatonic scales, Scott shares his approaches to fretboard organisation and more. Harmony & Theory Fundamentals is an online music theory course, presented by songwriter Mark Cally, who teaches basic symbols and notation, the musical alphabet, major scale construction, key signatures, triads, etc. MI Online’s Ear Training Fundamentals course teaches students to constantly and consistently train the ear to identify pitch, major scales and melodies.

“MI Online makes it simple and accessible for anyone, anywhere – even at home in your underwear – to learn different musical areas and techniques through cutting-edge music tuition online,” says Musicians Institute’s Donny Gruendler. “For nearly 40 years, MI has proudly welcomed new musicians and creative entrepreneurs into our community, and we’re excited about this next stage in our journey. As a member of the MI Online collective, students will join a dynamic worldwide community that fosters endless opportunities, whilst participating in courses that are designed and delivered by music legends.”

Enrollment is open and available to students all around the world. To find out more, check out:

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