Jack White to open eco-friendly vinyl pressing plant

Jack White Eco Vinyl
Jack White Eco Vinyl

Jack White is a world’s first. Image by Teresa Sedó. Creative Commons

The White Stripes frontman’s record label is opening the world’s first eco-friendly vinyl pressing plant in the city of Detroit

Third Man Records was founded by Jack White in 2001. Sixteen years later the label is expanding from making records to, well, making records. It has been announced that the record label will open their vinyl pressing plant on 25 February.

Said to be the world’s first ever climate-controlled vinyl pressing plant, the purpose-built structure will house environmentally efficient pressing machinery. The unit will also recycle the water from the record curing process and use it in the air conditioning system.

The plant will be able to press 5,000 records every eight hours and will bring 50 new jobs to the area. It will not exclusively press Third Man releases. Instead it will produce records for small imprints, “bedroom” labels and aid independent artists who are unable to meet demand in time. A statement on the label’s website said: “The presses can accommodate 12” LP’s or 7” singles according to demand.”

The first records to be pressed in the plant can be picked up at the Third Man Records store, also on Cass Corridor. The limited releases are as follows: The White Stripes The White Stripes, The White Stripes De Stijl, Destroy All Monsters/Xanadu split 12” The Black Hole LP and Detroit Gospel Reissue Project.

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