Is a new Radiohead album imminent?


Radiohead: is a new album on its way?

Rumours suggest a new album from Yorke and chums could be coming soon, after they set up a new company

Nothing has been announced yet, but online speculation is growing that there may be a ninth Radiohead album on its way to record stores some time in the not-distant-future. Which would be no great surprise, given that Johnny Greenwood has recently spoken of new studio sessions, and given that the band put out their unused Bond them Spectre for free via Soundcloud on Xmas Day.

The real ‘tell’, though – as the NME points out – may be that Messrs Yorke & Co recently set up a new company called Dawn Chorus LLP. This follows in the footsteps of the band setting up Xurbia Xendless Ltd just before releasing 2007’s In Rainbows, and Ticker Tape Ltd just before the arrival of The King Of Limbs in 2011.

More news when we have it, obviously!

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