‘Nor’easter’ by Joseph Sant (Single)

Joseph Sant

Sant’s songwriting could have serious crossover appeal

A crowded room dream-pop may be, but this single might just have announced a vocal addition to the quiet masses

Nor'easterBrooklyn based Seattle songwriter Joseph Sant plays the sort of lush, melodic dream-pop that fans of DIIV will love, and that’ll have have followers of indie-pop making a note of the 14 January release date of his debut EP Sea White Salt.

Opening with a clattering drum and melody that Zachary Cole Smith would kill to have written, Nor’easter is full of moody grace. Veering into the territory occupied by Bombay Bicycle Club could be a major no-no for indie kids too hip for their vintage brogues, but it simply reminds you of the brilliance of the London quartet and hints that Sant’s songwriting could have serious crossover appeal.

There’s little in Nor’easter that dream-pop fans won’t have heard before. What is new, though, is Joseph Sant himself, and with this track he’s announced himself as an artist whose name will shortly be on the lips of all with even a passing interest in the genre.

Verdict: Announces an exciting new arrival on the dream-pop scene

Damien Girling

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