Improving deaf and disabled people’s access to music

DIY Access Guide2
DIY Access Guide

Get your free copy of DIY Access Guide today. Credit: Attitude Is Everything

DIY Access Guide shows people how they can make live music venues more accessible for disabled music fans and artists

DIY Access Guide acts as a step-by-step manual for bands, artists and promoters. The zine-style guide has been put together by the charity Attitude Is Everything, an organisation that aims to improve the live music experience for deaf and disabled music fans and performers.

The guide offers loads of tips on how to book gigs, legal advice and how to create captions for lyrics. It explains how to make live music more inclusive by answering questions like: “Do you want all your fans to be able to see you play live?” and “Imagine missing your favourite band because there are some steps that could easily be ramped.”

Gig-goer and blogger Hannah McKearnen explains: “Most places do not intentionally shut us out, they’re just lacking the right tools and knowledge. It’s so important for bands and promoters to be aware of the access barriers that their fans face, so they can work with venues to solve them.”

You can get your free copy of DIY Access Guide here.

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