How songwriters can receive £10,000 to boost their careers

Violet Skies
Violet Skies

Songwriter and head of sheWrites, Violet Skies, will receive funding. Pic: Flickr/Justin Higuchi

Writer Producer Fund gives financial support to songwriters and composers. Here are the latest writer-producers who will receive career-changing funding

An announcement was made earlier this week revealing the nine writer-producers who have been granted funding to support their talent development. The fund is the result of a partnership between the PRS Foundation, a funder of developing talent, and the BASCA Trust, a music education charity that supports songwriters and composers.

On the list is songwriter Violet Skies who also runs sheWrites, a not-for-profit international all-female writing camp. “The Writer Producer Fund provided to me by the lovely PRS Foundation and BASCA Trust is a career-changing amount of money that will allow me to continue writing where I’m needed, with no financial barriers,” Violet Skies commented.

“We have already seen many of the writers we’ve supported through this fund going on to work on big tracks, and a few sign major publishing deals,” said Bhavesh Patel, Programme Manager at PRS Foundation. “Supporting these behind-the-scenes writers and producers at a tipping point means they can realise their full potential and allowing UK writers to put their imprint on the worldwide music market.”

If you are a writer-producer with a project that needs funding, then the next deadline is 3 December 2018. Applications can be submitted via the PRS Foundation website. All applicants will need to submit five pieces of work as part of the process.

The funding, which can be up to £10,000, can support recording costs, musician fees, renting UK studio space, training and skills courses, marketing and promotional costs and project related maternity or child care costs.

Below is the full list of writer-producers to receive funding…

  • Mumdance – writing space rental or lease
  • Sinai Tedros – time to create
  • Violet Skies – writer camps, co-writes, collaboration
  • The FaNaTiX – creative professional development, international co-writes collaborations, purchase of equipment/software
  • TK The Producer – space/studio rental, writing camps, international activity and purchase of equipment.
  • Seton Lloyd Daunt – writing space rental or lease
  • Juliet Hudson – recording costs
  • Stefan Abingdon – marketing and promotion
  • Charlotte Haining – creative/professional development

For further details of how to apply for funding, visit

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  1. Markello Dowsing

    I’m working on my debut album and in need of Studio time
    Mixing and mastering costs
    And also to purchase exclusive rights for instrumentals
    Also practice space for live performances and feel with this opportunity something would come out of it

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