EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! ‘Guarantee Me Love’ by Eddie Cohn

Eddie Cohn
Eddie Cohn

Eddie Cohn

This week’s Thursday new track exclusive comes in moving picture form, courtesy of LA-based singer-songwriter and trilby fan Eddie Cohn

fter a slight hitch last week (sorry bout dat), Thursday’s track exclusives are back in full effect here at Songwriting – and this week’s comes in video form. It’s the work of Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Eddie Cohn, and it also just happens to be the title track from his recently released third album. So the song’s been around a while… but the video, shot in Venice, California, is premiering right here, right now.

Cohn, an entirely self-taught musician who plays guitar, piano and drums, cites the likes of Beck, Pearl Jam and Nirvana as influences, while US music website Buzzbands LA reckons his work has “the cinematic feel of certain arena-frequenting British pop bands”. We’re not quite sure who they’re thinking of there, though, because in Guarantee Me Love we can hear both the angst and anguish of Radiohead, and something of the musical sensibility of Coldplay.

But as ever, you can make your own mind up…

Like what you hear? Then check out Eddie’s website, Facebook and Soundcloud pages, or follow him on Twitter.

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