Introducing… Eoin Glackin

Introducing Cha:dy and Eoin Glackin
Introducing Cha:dy and Eoin Glackin

We introduce Cha:dy and Eoin Glackin in our Autumn 2018 edition

This rising Irish alt-country singer and songwriter draws on Johnny Cash and Beck to explore the fleeting nature of life

Name: Eoin Glackin
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Style: Alt-country
Look out for: New album Fires Of Innocence

The rise of country music outside of the US is truly exciting and every day we seem to hear of a new talent. Currently making waves is Eoin Glackin, who is gearing up for the release of his new album Fires Of Innocence.

Glackin took a new approach to recording this LP. “I’ve always booked a slot of time in a studio. But this time I wanted to approach it a different way,” he says. “My producer Karl Odlum and I, would meet up every couple of weeks, or sometimes not for a few months, and do another song or rework one we had already done. And just totally went with the flow.”

And while the recording approach was new, Glackin looked to his old influences Johnny Cash and Beck for inspiration. “He [Johnny] was a great storyteller above all else,” says Glackin. “The story was what mattered and that’s where my love for big John comes from. Beck is another guy who takes all his influences and finds a way to smash them together into something that sounds unique, which is what I strive for.”

Fans can expect an alt-country sound on the album, but there are other influences too. “There’s a track which has a sort of hip hop element, a definite Beck influence,” he says. There’s also a track inspired by the story of Kathryn Switzer. “The lines, ‘Wear it while you can, just do it for yourself, not for any man,’ popped into my head and the song went from there,” Glackin says of the song. His favourite on the record is Hold The Line which allows him to embrace the lower part of his voice in a way which he hadn’t done before. All of which combines to make Fires Of Innocence Glackin’s best LP yet.

Interview: Laura Klonowski

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