‘Burning For No One’ by The Cribs (Single)

The Cribs For All Our Sisters
The Cribs

The Cribs’ new single is three minutes of indie power-pop. Pic: Teenagewastelander/Wikimedia Commons

The Cribs return with the first single from their hotly awaited sixth album and light a fire under fans’ expectations

The Cribs For All Our Siste

ith album number six, For All Our Sisters, due out in March, The Cribs release the record’s first single and set indie hearts a-racing. Wasting typically little time before throwing out the hooks, Burning For No One opens with a jarringly melodic riff and rumbling bassline that sounds like a less hurried Jam squaring up to Hard-Fi. The chorus then comes rushing in with a power-pop flush and is closed by a superb riff that betrays just a hint of The Knack – the sort the band have specialised in since their formation – before the trick is repeated.

Having entered their 13th year as a band, The Cribs might be forgiven for losing a little of their zeal, and cosying up to a present of mundane songwriting and future of mediocre melodies. Thankfully though Burning For No One is the work of a band that are still doing it for the love – it’s not by accident that Zane Lowe recently marked it as the ‘hottest record in the world’ – and though Gary Jarman’s vocal might not betray as much, you know it’s there and you feel it too.

Verdict: The Cribs will have you burning for album number six

Damien Girling

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