Rosina Buck: On Song, On Location

Rosina Buck

A songwriter willing to mine the deeply personal, join the alt-folk artist at home as she roars ‘Like A Lion’

The beautifully gentle voice of Rosina Buck is a Trojan Horse on which she sneaks her deeply personal lyrics into your brain, at which point you absorb the story of her life until it becomes part of you. Take latest song Like A Lion, the first music she has put out since 2015. Her long-awaited comeback single tells the tale of the end of a romance, at first fragile, she’s emboldened as the production stirs from beneath her feet.

Based in our home city of Bristol, we’re taking the short trip down the road to Buck’s house, the site of much of her songwriting, in order to learn all about a song which is at once achingly vulnerable and tough as a lion’s roar…

I like using everyday language and simplicity to share my journey, my heart, and my story

Bristol, UK

Name: Rosina Buck
Location: Bristol, UK
Song: Like A Lion

“Hello, I am Rosina Buck and I’m here, in my home in Bristol, in the UK. This is my living room. These are all my plants. I’m just going to talk a little bit about a song that I wrote called Like A Lion. This song actually was written in this house on Conduit Road; many, many songs have been written here. I’ve lived in this house for about 11 years. A lot has happened in between these walls, including going to rehab and getting sober and my journey from addiction into sobriety.

“I wrote this song about six years ago. And I started to record it. Before I went into rehab, when I came out of rehab, it was the lockdown. And so I’m now at a point where I’ve completed the track and it’s ready to be released as a single.

“This song is about a relationship, like most of my songs, and it’s kind of my interpretation of the final few weeks/months of a really chaotic and unhealthy relationship. For a long, long time, when I wrote it, I was still very much in a place of blaming the other person. But now I can really truly see that it was two people that were hurting, and in a lot of pain, trying to love each other, but just hurting each other a lot in the process.

Rosina Buck

Rosina Buck on Like A Lion: “It’s a very simple song, it’s very honest and descriptive, like most of my songs.”

“It feels really good to be able to feel that about this song now and to be able to see it from that place. I actually remember I started writing this song in the morning. I was studying at the time at BIMM Bristol. I remember I I started writing it in the morning, I woke up and I wrote it in about 15 minutes. I was like, ‘Wow, okay,’ and I went into university and played it. Then I was like, ‘I really love this song.’ And so six-years later, as I’ve journeyed my way through, I’m now in a place where I can share it from a very grateful and truthful place.

“I’m so excited about releasing the song because it’s very different from just me and the guitar. There’s whole production, strings and brass instruments. It was recorded here in Bristol by Tim Allen and Oliver Baldwin was the technician and they created this epic kind of movie soundtrack. It’s a very simple song, it’s very honest and descriptive, like most of my songs. I like using everyday language and simplicity to share my journey, my heart, and my story. So here is Like A Lion.”

Like A Lion by Rosina Buck is out now. Find out more via

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