‘What’s That Sound?’ by Daniel Woolhouse (Album)

Daniel Woolhouse ‘Whats That Sound’ album cover
Daniel Woolhouse

Daniel Woolhouse: “Life couldn’t be much better”

The Deptford Mod returns with an album recorded under his own name packed with vulnerability and a broader sonic palette

Daniel Woolhouse 'Whats That Sound' album coverIt only takes a couple of tracks to realise that Daniel Woolhouse’s new album is a far cry from the cold and slightly sharp-edged electro of his work as Deptford Mod. The euphorically choral Crazy Water and distinct 80s film soundtrack vibe of the title track, launch the listener into a record that has plenty of soul and colour.

Suitably Sci-Fi FX work their flickering magic on Map Of The Moon but can’t hide the emotion at the song’s centre. Soup For Brains brings to mind John Grant – offhand lyrics which take on extra resonance under Woolhouse’s watch. There is the occasional soggy moment which dampens the record’s impact; Skeleton in particular fails to resonate.

That’s not to say that his excursion into a broader landscape hasn’t been a successful one. A hushed synth and dropped beat provide the ideal background on the ballad Forest Further before it comes bursting to life. “Life couldn’t be much better” sings Woolhouse in the song’s final moment and it’s a riveting closing statement for the album.

Verdict: Purposeful and immersive

Duncan Haskell

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