‘Tugboats’ by The Brother Brothers (EP)

The Brother Brothers ‘Tugboats’ EP cover
The Brother Brothers

The Brother Brothers: identical twins Adam and David Moss have taken their time to join forces

The folk music of brothers Adam and David Moss has a bewitching quality to it which highlights their fraternal bond

The Brother Brothers 'Tugboats' EP coverThat brothers make for perfect musical companions is hardly a revelation. The history of music is littered with siblings whose voices melt together to create something far greater than the sum of their parts. Identical twins Adam and David Moss have taken their time to join forces, each forging their own careers before finally emerging as The Brother Brothers. Their new EP is further proof that it was a sage decision.

Tugboats is a thrilling collection of understated folk songs which highlights the duo’s strengths as musicians and vocalists. The title track, Bird In A Tree and Colombus Stockade Blues are tranquil numbers, sparse enough that the words don’t ever get lost. Cello and fiddle strings untether things slightly on Come Back Darling, providing an eerily affecting backdrop and off-kilter detour.

Notary Public is the most mainstream ditty on display, Americana with a sprightly skip in its step before handing over to the fiddle-centric Cairo, IL. It’s another track which is a vessel for the Moss’ sedate harmonies and the striking simplicity of their arrangements.

Verdict: A work of startling delicacy

Duncan Haskell

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