EXCLUSIVE! ‘What I Said’ by Jesse Sarvinski

Jesse Sarvinski
Jesse Sarvinski

Today’s exclusive is by the excellent Jesse Sarvinski. Image by Erin Marie Miller

Today’s exclusive is from a sublime Los Angeles-based pop singer-songwriter, who first picked-up an instrument aged just four years old

Despite Jesse Sarvinski’s precocious musical talents – he first played a guitar aged four and began piano training aged eight – it was not until he attended UC Irvine that he decided to pursue music fulltime.

It wasn’t a bad decision, with his first professional track, Criminal Love, featured on the hit ABC series Revenge and his subsequent releases gaining attention in Wolf In A Suit, Inked and Electrowow.

What I Said is Sarvinski’s new song and of the track he says: “We all say shit from time to time that we don’t necessarily mean but it comes out and we’re like “oh shit!”, especially when alcohol is involved – which I’m sure a lot of people can relate to. Those are the times when you have to man up and say “I didn’t mean what I said.” This song was written pretty quickly and pretty much moments after I had had one of those experiences.”

He counts Enigma, ABBA and Annie Lennox among his influences. We think that while fans of those artists will dig Sarvinski’ sound, those of you who like Sugar Ray and Matchbox Twenty will also find much to enjoy in What I Said.

Don’t just take our word for it, though, listen below and make you your own darn minds…

Like that? Then find Jesse Sarvinski on Facebook or at his own website.

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