‘Time The Teacher’ by Jerry David DeCicca (Album)

Jerry David DeCicca ‘Time The Teacher’ album cover
Jerry David DeCicca

Jerry David DeCicca: inspired by his move to the hill country of Texas Hill

This record pays tribute to its creator’s new home by accurately depicting the people, places and nature that colour it

Jerry David DeCicca 'Time The Teacher' album coverThe latest album by Jerry David DeCicca, formerly of The Black Swans, was inspired by his move to the hill country of Texas Hill. It’s a record that doesn’t necessarily reflect the areas musical heritage but pays homage to the way that it makes him feel, the characters that make the community and the paths it leads his imagination down.

Stylistically, DeCicca combines elements of gospel, jazz and classic songwriting into his late night reflections. There’s a pleasing balance between these arrangements and the simple lyrical imagery which brings the album to life. Watermelon is “pink as the sunset / green as the garden” and Grandma’s Tattoo is both “yellow and blue” and “wrinkled and true” – all delivered a vocal style that is relaxed to the point of cool detachment.

This uncomplicated yet evocative thread can also be heard in the compositions too – for example the percussion of Woodpecker echoes the knocking of the bird’s beak against a tree. It’s yet another charming and stylish illustration of what makes Time The Teacher such a cogent achievement.

DeCicca’s affinity for his new home is as obvious as it is infectious and it’s hard not to be swept along with him.

Verdict: A charming homage

Duncan Haskell

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